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Today, we are able to help our customers into their next move :


Nowadays, especially after the COVID situation, our clients are willing to go faster into all of their projects.

PARTNER can help you within several fields :

How can you become more and more "data-driven". You could probably hear about "Big-Data" uses, but today most of our clients are in fact far away from this topic. A lot of our clients also need help to go from Proof-Of-Concepts to industrialization for their use cases.

Potential Uses cases :

_I have some data, how can I use them ?
_How to move my data from old servers to the Cloud, which one do I use ?  

_What is the best CRM adapted to my situation ?

_How do I respect the RGPD law ?
_How can I set up a proper dedicated Data Governance Organization ?

Data Governance
Data Quality
Data Science
Data Vizualisation

Agility & Change

At the beginning, Agility was only a tool for Software Development, as described in the Agile Manifesto.
Today, PARTNER is the architect of the Agile Transformations of a lot of clients, from their development teams, to the whole IT organization, but also into the Business (HR, Marketing, Financial,..) departments.

We will use the best frameworks (SAFe, Spotify, Nexus, Kanban, Scrum, ...) , the most accurate Agile tools (JIRA, VSTS) and collaborative tool (Klaxoon, Miro, Mural ...) to maximize our clients organizations and processes.

Potential uses cases :

_What is Agile ? How would it impact my company ?
_I already use some tools, but my teams are not running on the same velocity, how can I unify the processes ?

_How can I scale Agile within my organization ?

Capture d’écran 2021-02-01 à
Capture d’écran 2021-02-01 à


The goal of the iOT is to automatize (via monitoring) data which were previously get by manual ways, or acquire new data also from new sources.

Internet Of Things is a mean which has a lot of added value into different ways :

_It can easily be vertical since it answers specific business needs

_iOT applications can bring massive profits and also reduce the cost of small and large companies

Our solutions :
1)Identify the different opportunities for each client 

2)Propose the tools and the technical environment needed

3)Implementation of such tools, deployment and monitoring

4)Use of the new datas collected according to the use case




Added value examples :

_Reduction of costs, operational excellence, industrial maintenance, security of the people and the products

_Best quality of service/client experience
_"Green" optimizations

_New applications, new services, new income sources

Uses cases examples :


Sans titre.png
Sans titre2.png



Cyber Security is the process and techniques involved in protecting sensitive data, computer systems, networks and software applications from cyber attacks. The cyber attacks are general terminology which covers a large number of topics, but some of the popular are:

  • Tampering systems and data stored within

  • Exploitation of resources

  • Unauthorized access to the targeted system and accessing sensitive information

  • Disrupting normal functioning of the business and its processes

  • Using ransomware attacks to encrypt data and extort money from victims

The attacks are now becoming more innovative and sophisticated that is capable of disrupting the security and hacking the systems. So it’s very challenging for every business and security analyst to overcome this challenge and fight back with these attacks.

These days, and especially with remote working, the cybersecurity became one of the most important subjects of our clients.
Based upon our audits (functional and technical) we will aim your weakest points of your infrastructure. Cracking simulations, penetration testing will be made.


Based upon top-down, bottom-up or problem-driven approaches we will help you to anticipate the next move of hacking.

Together, we will set up the Security Governance and we will deploy the full architecture in every step of your process.

Risk Management
Asset Management
& Identification
Risk Management
Access Management
Threat Management
Security Controls
Disaster Recovery
Business Continuity
Incident Management
Security Education
Training & 

Our partners


We are a cybersecurity solution and consulting provider. Our teams are composed of diverse, clever and passionate security professionals trained and ready to prevent, detect and respond to complex security challenges faced by our clients and the clients of our clients. We deliver services in


1) Cybersecurity: Red team: Penetration testing & Site hacking, Blue team: security awareness trainings & workshops.

2) Dev-sec-ops strategy implementation, best practices, secure coding, CI/CD

3) Dataprotection: DLP with data categorisation, anonymisation and encryption.

4) Cloudsecurity : Cloud governance & architecture, secure Amazon, AWS and Azure, Microsoft 365.

5) IGA & IAM: Security governance, ISO27001 implementor & auditor

6) CISO as a Service

7) CITRIX ADC managed services

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