Our Partners


Stéphane Roig

Associate Founder

"Serial Entrepreneur, I am focused on what is moving the world. My passion is to drive projects that generate value and that are seen as pushing forward the uses. I believe that people can do wonderful things as long as we can give them a chance to try. I want to use my background to give them a chance. Try it and do it !"

Adrien Luccisano

Associate Founder

"Graduated as an engineer, I have always been passionate about new technologies and bringing small and big companies into the future.
By founding Partner in 2015, it has become a reality.
Today, we work with our experts into cutting-edge projects and processes with our clients.
On my spare-time, I practice a lot of sports (bike, boxing, fitness) travelling (West-Indies, Asia, Middle-East, Polynesia,…) and I also love watches !"

Pascal Gauthier

Practice Leader - Agility

"As a software developper, I started my career in Telecom industry, for international companies. I evolved into project management and people management responsibilities using waterfall methodology (PMP) and agile (since 2007) with a servant leader approach.

I have always enjoyed helping others. With my experience, I support our partners to achieve their goals by setting up the best way of working with the most appropriate methodology (Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, ...) and the most efficient tools. I am pragmatic and my motto can be KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid).

Today, as Agile Leader, I can align my personal values with our business objectives : supporting our partners in their successfull agile transformation


Passionate of outdoor activities, I spend time in mountains, hiking, skiing or cycling, with my family and friends (never enough 😉)."

Daniel Razavet

Practice Leader - Change / CRM 

« Cumulating degrees in IT, Human Resources and Management, I have evolved all along my career to become « People Centric ». Transformation of Organizations is my area of expertise from the Organization itself (Employees, Managers, Support Functions, …), Business Departments (Top Management, HR, Marketing, Sales) and IT Department. 

Business Oriented, I am using Change Management techniques to roll out or optimise CRM within companies.

Joining Partner Consultancy Services was joining the Leaders of Change and Transformation, so the shoe fits perfectly !

Besides work, I have always loved travels, discovering cultures and landscapes, and I practice Martial Arts and mindfulness (mind needs to be trained too) »

David Ratier

Managing Director/Associate Belgium

" I am an engineer and I started my career as a SAP consultant & business intelligence.

I then evolved as a Business Manager in Paris and then in Brussels to take over the management of banking/finance/insurance department for a large consulting company.

I have always been passionate about innovation and information technology. Today, I am delighted to have joined the PARTNER adventure in order to support our customers with our innovative offers and to involve our best specialists.

One of my great passions are airplanes and sports, especially tennis and cycling."


Business Manager - Aix/Marseille/Toulon

«  With a master’s degree in International Marketing & Business Development, I have always been attracted by new challenges. Passionate about people and entrepreneurship, joining Partner was obvious with the opportunity to develop our services on 13 and 83 (South of France).

Fan of team sports, I especially like sharing victories. I practice Padel in competition, Football and also Poker (the only time I allow myself to lie). »

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Deborah Ben Simon

Happiness Officer (Group)

Coming soon...

Pauline Maloigne

Managing Director Paris

"After being graduated with a master degree in Business Development at INSEEC Business School in Paris, France, I naturally started working in the IT consulting business area.

I worked for four years in Brussels, Belgium and then I joined Partner Consultancy Services as a partner.

My vision and my goal is to support our customers' needs in their digital process and transformation and to upgrade our employees' skills and experience.

Besides, in my personal life I enjoy travelling and discovering new cultures and I also have a passion for cars."

Eric Scarpino

Partner Luxembourg

"At the end of a technical training in IT, I started my career in Luxembourg in 1997 as a system analyst to move quickly to systems administration and database management, then to project management and managing teams. I like to work and share with people.


I joined the PCS Luxembourg adventure in 2019 as a Partner. The objective for me in PCS Luxembourg is first to support our customers and prospects in a smooth and serene digital transition and second is to support our employees towards expertise.


Outside of work, I try to spend the most time with my wife and my 2 children on the one hand and on my bike on the other."

Tom Biagioni

Business Manager Luxembourg

"With a master's degree in international business and web design, I have always been fascinated about innovation and new technologies. With an entrepreneurial mindset, I am results-oriented and focused on win-win collaborations. 


Joining Partner in order to support companies into their issues for the future was a natural choice in my professional career


As a sports and outdoor fan, I spend most of my free time paragliding, climbing, hiking and backpacking"

Team High Five